The Death of Glengarry

Sound Like Someone You Know

Lesson:  Some sales manager motivate the only way they know how – nothing personal so suck it up or move on


How Focus Will Ensure Your Paycheck Is Not Lean

Can you see these letters - W2?

I always chuckle when I hear a sales rep tell me that they have ADD or ADHD.  I chuckle all the way to HR and start the process of putting them on plan.  While there are a ton of ingredients needed to make a good sales rep,  few successful reps lack focus.

Focus on establishing a system – there are a ton of bad stats about how many hours of selling there are in a day, week, month & year.  The fact is that sales reps battle time management as their #1 nemesis.  While larger companies may offer some sort of BS training course around time management and the majority of the class will be a waste, these classes will offer some sort of system.  Whenever a rep tells me they don’t do well in systems or don’t need a system, I also start the “on plan” proceeding.  Do yourself a favor a make a prioritized list of tasks to be completed.  Other small steps to increase efficiency can be making phone calls on ride to and from work or eating meals at your desk – whatever it is, do yourself a favor a get a system that works where the amount of time wasted is minimized.

Own your number – you are in sales and have a number on your back – don’t ever forget that.  The best sales reps take some time to understand how they make money within the bounds of their quota/plan.  Doing so will help you figure out that through focusing on net-new business, can you make an extra 70% on a deal by selling a partner running a spiff.  Look at your number as a game and figure out what is the best way you can win the game.

Close your mouth -this is especially difficult for many reps as they seem to think what they have to say is important.  Its impossible to hear your customer when you are blathering on about yourself, your product, your life.  No one cares – shut it.

Understand your strengths – If you are not a details person, get some help with someone who is.  Know your weaknesses and put people in place who can help fill those gaps.  I know its common sense and I hope you already know it and are doing something about it.

Sell – its your job and you need to make sure that you are focused on the selling part of it.  Don’t forget to make it a priority in everything you do – ask questions, push the deal ahead – at all times.

Just so we are all on the same page, I know that you already know most of this.  My problem is that if someone tells me that but is failing to show me that they are doing something with this knowlede.  If you know you are weak in and area and do nothing about it, then you cannot succed and should do everyone a favor and stop giving reps a bad name.