The Death of Glengarry

Almost @ The Finish Line

I wanted to send a quick note and let you all know that I’ve been heads down (as we all should be) and am fortunate to report that Q4 & all of 2009 has been a really great year.  At this point (12/21),95% of the hard selling has been completed and now the final push is on to get those last deals in.

I wish you all a great close to the month, a happy holiday season and a prosperous 2010.   Gonna be great.


5 Signs You Should Look For A New Sales Position


#5 – You start work at 9 and end at 5 – this is not a job, its a career ask Chris Rock

#4 – You do your forecast calls and there are more than 4 managers on the call – each firing questions at you – quit today as you cannot make money at this place – too many people taking cuts of your commish

#3 – You hate what you are selling – I’m not going to give the “be passionate about what you do speech” but you can’t be successful selling something you dislike

#2 – You blame everyone else for your failure – product sucks, operations suck, no marketing, company suck – no pal, hit the bricks – you suck – get a job as Santa in the mall

# 1 – You feel lost in your job – I’m blown away by the amount of sales people who refuse to learn the new tricks of the trade – your relationships may carry you a few more paychecks but don’t forget that the tails of the people you have been riding will not be there forever – time to buck up pal and find a new cust serv job as this is not for you anymore

Do you want to be a Sales Manager

Lessons: Ask the Tough Questions & Interview Wisely

3 Ways to Build Sales Momentum on a Friday


One of the many annoying sayings heard around most corporate offices is “TGIF” (Thank God Its Friday) and I whenever I hear that, I say (under my breath) “You are a loser” because I hate Fridays.  As a sales rep, this is the time of the week where I get tangled up in non-productive internal meetings and forecast calls.  It’s also when most of my clients and prospects are shutting down for the weekend.  I’ve worked hard all week, moved some things forward and now I’m out of runway and must  stop pushing the deal foreward.  Or am I?  What if I could do a few small things to maintain my flow and keep the ball moving forward.  As a rep, this momentum is my lifeline.  Lose it and your are F’ed.

While there are many ways to build momentum and I thought I would share 3 ways to build sales momentum on a Friday:

1) Get Prepared & Be Productive:

Friday morning before 9:00 am – make a list with 2 columns.

Column 1 has the names of customers that you have not talked to in the past 2 weeks -NOTE: I never let 2 weeks pass without a live call into any existing client because if you don’t have time to speak to them, you do not deserve to have them .

Column 2 has a list of 20 prospects that you will connect live with that day.  This is the foundation of my afternoon call blitz.

2) Be Discliplined and Make the Damn Calls

Clear your schedule for any BS meetings and dedicate at least the afternoon to making calls – this goes for both inside and field reps.  Now while, you can’t cancel a forecast meeting, you can get prepared for that call the night before to limit the time it takes by having your shit together.  From 1pm-4pm, Continue reading

Tin Men: Bill Babowski vs Ernest Tilley

Lesson: A little rivalry in sales goes a long way

How To Educate A Sales Rep That Really Hates Being “Social”

“I don’t have time for Twitter – I’m out there closing business “

“Facebook, Twitter – MY customers don’t use that crap”

These are just a few of the common shitty excuses that I hear over and over and over again from sales reps.  As we reps make excuses for a living (the deal slipped because the CFO’s dog ate my PO), it should come as no surprise that the same employee who is supposed to be the most gregarious one on staff, is the one who is “heading for ze hills” when it comes to Social Media.

Why?  Becuase we are coddled like babies in most organizations.

As a rep, I know that many people in my former organization pacified me.  For example, any calls that I  recieved on the last month of the quarter always started with the following “I am so sorry to bothering you – I know its the end of the quarter and you are probably insanely busy”.   While that time of the quarter was certainly active, I would not have picked up the phone if I had something better to do.

Don’t Hate Educate – Adopt a Sale Rep

Stolen straight outta Crawford – “Leave No Sales Rep Behind” is a program that I would like to see implemented all over this great country of ours.  I challenge all marketing professionals to adopt 1 orphan sales rep and knock some sense into them.

To do my part in cleaning up this mess and seeing some real change, I have created 3 sales rep proof steps to educating the social butterfly on social marketing:


#1 – Create a Joint Twitter Account with Your Marketing Team – Tell all of your customers (past, present & future) that you have set this up to allow them another channel to communicate and interact with you.  If they need tech support, send you a tweet, if they need some logo golf shirts, send you a tweet, if they need a quote, send you 2 tweets.

What you are doing here is showcasing your ability to engage with your client, better servicing all your customers and allowing everyone to see how you approach your business.   You are savvy, take exceptional care of everyone you work with and also create a community where customer references will develop on their own.  Your marketing team can help monitor through Hootsuite and develop

#2 Set up 3 accounts  (takes 9:30 to complete all 3 on a FIOS line – I know you and know you have that much free time)

LinkedIn – If you have not done this already you are probably unemployed already so please leave this blog

Twitter – Its here, still here, get used to it

Facebook – This is for work so keep your dumb pictures to yourself – keep your eye on the prize and just create the account stupid.

#3 – Commit to 60 days – I like to think of this as my 2nd gym membership – be disciplined mentally and physically and commit to spending time on it each day.   If you do not see results in 60 days, QUIT – but give yourself some time to get familiar with what it is as I know you will be pleasantly surprised.


Congrats on your adoption – now the fun begins

1. Stop Treating the Reps Like Babies –  Call them out when they don’t do what they are supposed to be doing for you.  If you had a number on your back, I know that you would not let 1/2 the BS slide that you presently do.

2. Help Reps Succeed by Making it Personal –  Take 10 Prospects and 5 Current Clients and see what you can find out about them.  For example, I saw that one prospect tweeted that they were going to a conference.  I called them up, said I was also going (not true) and that we should meet for coffee at Starbucks in lobby – we did and I used the informal meeting to get a 2nd meeting.  I not saying stalk, but use what you can to help your sales team focus and collect useful intel.  Once the rep sees that they can personally benefit from this, you have succeeded.

#3 – Compose 2 Tweets A Week For Your Reps –  this is just enough to get them started and puts the pressure on them to keep the activity level up.  Your tweets can be on new specials, whitepapers, customer wins, whatever – you are in marketing so I will let you figure it out.

Since I went there with the Bush Program reference, I am forced to finish with my favorite GB quote:

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — [pauses] – shame on you. Fool me — You can’t get fooled again.”

Sad truth is that there is a lot of GB in most sales reps – Good Selling & Good Luck

RIP GlenGarry Glen Ross

Speeches like this have survived for 20 years in sale organizations all over the globe.  Most are comprised of type-A males, dressed in a tailored suits who are overpaid and overpacified.  Unfortunately (for them), the game has changed and corporations (big & small) are slowly learning that to survive in today’s corporate jungle, you must be lean.

What does all this  mean for you?

1) If you are an elephant hunter – you are probably already collecting unemployment

2) If you are starting a company, this blog will be a critical source on best practices for building a lean sales organization

3) If you are in a lean sales organization, please contact us as we’d love to hear more about what you are doing

4) If you think that GlenGarry Glen Ross is still alive and well then wake up because you are already irrelevant.