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3 Ways to Build Sales Momentum on a Friday


One of the many annoying sayings heard around most corporate offices is “TGIF” (Thank God Its Friday) and I whenever I hear that, I say (under my breath) “You are a loser” because I hate Fridays.  As a sales rep, this is the time of the week where I get tangled up in non-productive internal meetings and forecast calls.  It’s also when most of my clients and prospects are shutting down for the weekend.  I’ve worked hard all week, moved some things forward and now I’m out of runway and must  stop pushing the deal foreward.  Or am I?  What if I could do a few small things to maintain my flow and keep the ball moving forward.  As a rep, this momentum is my lifeline.  Lose it and your are F’ed.

While there are many ways to build momentum and I thought I would share 3 ways to build sales momentum on a Friday:

1) Get Prepared & Be Productive:

Friday morning before 9:00 am – make a list with 2 columns.

Column 1 has the names of customers that you have not talked to in the past 2 weeks -NOTE: I never let 2 weeks pass without a live call into any existing client because if you don’t have time to speak to them, you do not deserve to have them .

Column 2 has a list of 20 prospects that you will connect live with that day.  This is the foundation of my afternoon call blitz.

2) Be Discliplined and Make the Damn Calls

Clear your schedule for any BS meetings and dedicate at least the afternoon to making calls – this goes for both inside and field reps.  Now while, you can’t cancel a forecast meeting, you can get prepared for that call the night before to limit the time it takes by having your shit together.  From 1pm-4pm, a little discipline and hammer the phone to reach as many people as you can.  Set a goal for each conversation to accomplish the following:

a) Strengthen the relationship – maybe its a personal sharing or learning experience but before you hang up, make sure you’ve uncovered something about the person that you did not know about them and be sure to share something with them to make sure the exchange is 2 sided.   This sharing is critical to building a foundation of a relationship and many of us are guilty of rushing through conversations because we are so busy.  I also want to stress that you must share some things about yourself.  People will open to people who are human.  If its kids, love of a sports team or an enthusiam for choppers, share as it will open more doors than you think.

B) Enter the call with a purpose to uncover a new piece of information about their job/business/pain and ultimately, to move the ball forward.  What has been the biggest pain in the ass to them?  Everyone has one part of their job that was not supposed to be there when they signed on – find out what it is and see how your product/service/partner ecosystem can solve it.

3) Schedule Networking For Next Week

I’ve stressed before the importance of making time to build a network.  Most people start networking when they have no job or hate their job.  These people make me sick and I hate them – they are incapable of being successful as they willl never be able to handle the amount of consistent work it will take.

Here’s what I do every Friday – Make calls to set 2 lunch dates for networking for the following week.  Who is someone that you should meet with but never make the time to do so.  I alway set them on Tues & Thurs to leave M,W,F for customers and prospect lunches.

If you can get prepared and put some focused, hard work into the phones, you will end the week with a clear vision of where your pipeline is, what your prospects need from you and with enough momentum to carry you sailing through the 2 days weekend.

One Final Tip: Don’t ever, ever, ever, say TGIF to me or I will cut you off like a dead lead.



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Good post here. For me I think about the benefits of what Friday is…either pay day for me or someone is getting paid and that’s when people are more likely to say yes is when they’ve just received their pay check.

I love the mentality that TGIFers are losers. Without reading any other post by you at this point I would bet my paycheck you find success in what you do.

Comment by Mr. Slinkard

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