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10 Things A Sales Rep Must Do to Finish Strong in 2009
October 5, 2009, 3:56 pm
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#10 – Focus – This is an easy time of the year to get distracted.  The Thanksgiving and holiday slowdown will come fast.  Start each week with a list of 5 must do things and commit to making them happen.

#9 – Close early – we have all fell victim to trying to oversell then be stuck the last day of the month/quarter trying to close out a crappy deal that should have already been closed.

#8 – Don’t forget to network – in 2009, with tools like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, you have ZERO excuses – add a minimum of 2 quality people to your network this month.

#7 – Get ahead – certain deals will close this quarter – what are the little things you can do to get ahead – (update the CRM, paperwork, thank you notes, contracts) – you’d be surprised how much time is wasted doing these items in a stressful, time-crunched environment.

#6 – New Job? – Now is the ideal time of year to put out some feelers out there about who is looking for what, what your market value is and whether your current position is the best deal for you.  I’m always amazed how many people who sell for a living wait for someone to call them with a job offer.

#5 – Pick up the God Damn Phone – October is the best month to chat up those cold and lukewarm accounts that you have ignored – get them engaged and close em out.  They have money and if you don’t call them someone else will.

#4 -Be  Better in 2010 – Evaluate the past 9 m0nths and see where you fell down.  Maybe locate a new partner or lead stream that will ensure next year’s checks are better than this year.

#3 Lighten Up – We get it the economy sucks, unemployment is skyhigh and you most likely had a career low in sales.  Guess what – you are not alone, you still have a job, you still have a chance to finish strong.  Cut the bullshit and happy up.

#2 – Cut Bait – Having shit in your pipeline to fool a boss is one thing but chasing that same shit with emails, calls, lunches and in -person meetings is bad business and total waste of time.  Sit down and do a honest gut check.

#1 – Enjoy it – you have the best profession in the world.  So kick some ass, close some deals and get fired up.  Good selling

I wish you luck but your wouldn’t know what to do with it – Alec Baldwin, GGR

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